Virtual Education Software, inc. (VESi) offers online continuing education courses for professionals that are convenient, relevant, and affordable.
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Online Continuing Education Courses for Educators

Three Online Graduate Courses. Up to nine credits for $225 TOTAL!

South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) has partnered with Augustana University and VESi to offer members a yearly subscription to online graduate courses for $225 per year. You can enroll in one course per term or two courses during the summer (if you skip fall or spring), for a total of 3 courses per year.

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Online Courses for Educators

Choose from over 30 online courses for re-certification/pay raise purposes

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Featured Course

Social & Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is teaching life skills that are foundational to motivation in the classroom and classroom management.

Featured Course

Supporting At-Risk Young Learners & Their Families

This course is designed to help Early Childhood Educators gain strategies to reach and teach young children who are at risk of not meeting their potential.

Featured Course

Build School Communities

This course helps teachers build genuine bonds between themselves and their students and between students and their classmates, to create “kindred classhomes” with a foundation of acceptance, respect, and shared purpose.

Other course topics include...Assessment, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Classroom Management, Common Core, Differentiated Instruction, Diversity & Inclusion, Early Childhood, Elementary/Secondary Math Concepts, English Language Learner, Mental Health, Reading & Writing, Talented & Gifted Students, Violence & Bullying

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