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February 2021 Newsletter

Online Continuing Education Courses for Educators

10 Ways to Give Real-World Experience to High School Students with Virtual Learning

The high school years are meant to equip students with the tools to thrive in adulthood. We've compiled a list of ten ways to give high school students real-world experience during virtual learning.

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2021 Conversation Hearts for Teachers

You know those lovable little conversation hearts that are EVERYWHERE around Valentine’s Day? Well this is our take on those sweet little candies…of course, with a teacher twist (and especially relevant in 2021!).

Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences During Distance Learning

Anticipating caregivers’ questions can go a long way toward ensuring that these meetings are productive for everyone involved.

How Practicing Mindfulness Outdoors Boosts Well-Being

As schools have taken classes outside for safer in-person learning, many have found the value of connecting mindfulness activities to nature.


Responsive Courses

VESi has 34 courses that are compatible on all devices, making it easy for you to recertify anytime, anywhere.


Partner Institutions

We partner with over 100 regionally and nationally accredited institutions.


Certification Requirements

Within the United States, each state regulates the licensing and credentialing of teachers in their own state.

New English Language Learner Courses

Featured Course

English Language Learner: Evaluation & Assessment

This course discusses what is a high-quality assessment and the scope of assessments including initial placement, annual assessments, and exit assessments.

Featured Course

English Language Learner:
Language Acquisition

The focus of this course is on the process of second language acquisition and the role of the classroom teacher.

Featured Course

English Language Learner: Linguistics

This course discusses how to understand theoretical foundations of linguistics and how to apply the knowledge and skills in linguistics in ELL classrooms and content classrooms.

Featured Course

English Language Learner:
Methods & Materials

This course discusses how to apply instructional methods in creating lessons and how to identify culturally appropriate curriculum and instructional resources.

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