Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities:
Practical Information for the Classroom Teacher

This course describes diverse theoretical approaches to handling learning disabilities in the classroom. Taught by Dr. Bob Pillay, it lays the foundation for sensitive, appropriate assessment and evaluation of students. In addition, this course covers program planning and implementation, stresses the importance of a close, positive partnership with parents or alternative caregivers, and explores methods for ensuring that the home-school axis is effective and meaningful. Major trends and unresolved issues in the field of learning disabilities are also discussed.
Thank you for offering these courses. Working full time, having a young child at home and being pregnant with our second son, this was the PERFECT way to complete my college credits. It was presented in a way that was easy to navigate and the course load was not daunting or impossible to finish in a timely manner. I intend to take more VESi courses in the future.

Allison H.

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