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Virtual Education Software, inc. offers continuing education courses for educators online or via CD-Rom. These courses are available for a variety of types of credit including Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Professional Learning Units (PLUs), Professional Development Units (PDUs), Clock Hours, Undergraduate credit, or Graduate credit. With over 90 Colleges and Universities available, you can find an organization offering the type of credit that is right for your situation.

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Educator Feedback on VESi Continuing Education Courses

I really enjoyed the three courses and have gained a better understanding of RTI. Our school implements the PBIS and the administrator talks about TRI but I feel that most on the committee have no clue just what they are talking about. I now have a much better understanding. Thanks.
Regina D. Reading Fundamentals 3 | University of Louisiana Monroe | July, 2014
This was the best course that I have taken in this format and through this organization. Thank you!
Abigail M. Why DI? | St. Catherine U | July, 2014
Behavior is Language has been one of the most insightful courses I have taken through my educational pursuit. This course put several things in perspective for me and allowed me to look at student behavior in another light. After taking the course, I am more aware that behavior is truly meaningful and it is my job to decipher student behavior. One of the most valuable things I will take from the course is that students put adults into various roles and often times, we succumb to those roles. I realized how important it was to understand family dynamics and how easily they influence student behavior. I was also made aware of how students’ self and world views play a major impact on student learning and behavior. I have recommended this course to several of my colleagues.
Betsy I. Behavior is Language | Morningside College | July, 2014
I enjoy the VESi classes because the online accessibility allows me the flexibility to “learn” at a time convenient to me and at a place that suits my needs. Also, the structure of the course presentation is systematic and easy to navigate. This is the second VESi class that I have taken and I enjoyed them both.
Troy H. Learning Disabilities | Central Methodist University | July, 2014
This course was fantastically organized and provided me with a ton of concrete information as well as current research. I will look for this instructor again when pursuing continuing education clock hours in the future. This course was by far the most informative course I’ve taken through VESi.
Kimberly M. Program Planning | ESD 101 | July, 2014
This course was VERY informative and I truly appreciate the fact that despite having to implement the standards without understanding them, I now am familiar with not only the standards but also the theory behind the standards.
Marsha J. Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards | North Dakota State University | July, 2014
I really enjoyed the structure of this class. It was well structured and easy to follow. Information was practical and relevant on many levels.
Adrianne D. Violence in Schools | Seattle Pacific University | July, 2014
This course, like all other VESi courses that I have taken, has been fabulous. I have really enjoyed the lessons and have gained many new ideas/insights that I will definitely take with me back to the classroom in the fall.
Heidi M. Learning Disabilities | CSU, Dominguez Hills | June, 2014
This course has been very enlightening and I have enjoyed it more than I first thought. The material presented makes a great deal of sense and has allowed me to focus on areas of my teaching which I feel need improving, but didn’t know how. I am excited to go into my new school year with new strategies for my “toolbox”.
Robin E. Reading & Writing in Content Area | University of Louisiana at Monroe | June, 2014
Thank you very much for the time and effort put into this online class material. It was presented well and easy to understand. I will recommend this class to my coworkers. Thanks!
Michael G. Harassment, Bullying and Cyber-Intimidation in Schools | National University | June, 2014

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