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Virtual Education Software, inc. offers continuing education courses for educators online or via CD-Rom. These courses are available for a variety of types of credit including Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Professional Learning Units (PLUs), Professional Development Units (PDUs), Clock Hours, Undergraduate credit, or Graduate credit. With over 70 Colleges and Universities available, you can find an organization offering the type of credit that is right for your situation.

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Educator Feedback on VESi Continuing Education Courses

I feel this course was informative and made me think. I am using many phrases and interventions with students. I especially like the reflective piece of the written debrief. This helps the teachers and I understand where the child is coming from. This information has aided in altering approaches to how we engage and intervene with the students.
Mitchell K. Behavior is Language | Augustana College | March, 2014
I absolutely loved this course!! This was VERY informative and helpful to me with my students and my own children!! This is very user friendly too!
Amy J. Understanding Aggression | U of Southern Mississippi | March, 2014
This type of offering is BOTH very valuable AND very accessible at flexible times, which is essential when completing Continuing Education credits and balancing family time. Thank you for the quality presentation and the meaningful and applicable assignments.
David H. Autism & Asperger’s Disorder | Ashland University | March, 2014
Very interesting course! This is my first online distance delivery CEU… it exceeded my expectations in quality and rigor!
Laura R. Typical & Atypical Development | Alaska Pacific University | March, 2014
I love the format and flexibility of this course. The journal article reviews were really interesting and the class content will stay with me as I work with students with Autism.
Erica O. Autism & Asperger’s Disorder | Andrews University | March, 2014
I really enjoyed this course, especially the second chapter on Cyber-Bullying. The format of the course was great and it made it easy to navigate and go through the material. I am looking forward to taking another course with the same instructor in the future. Thank you!
Barbara C. Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools | California State University, Fresno | March, 2014
I will certainly take the next course in this series, the “how to” of DI. I am a novice teacher getting back into the game after several years of raising my children. This class has provided me with lots of inspiration as well as motivation to reflect on my own philosophy and assumptions about teaching and learning. Thanks for the stimulating course!
Elizabeth L. Why DI? | University of the Pacific | March, 2014
I was surprised by the thoroughness of this course. It covered every possible aspect of aggression I could think of and then some! Excellent background and history of aggression in the U.S. Real life examples made the topic easier to understand. I especially appreciate how the instructor handled a serious, often sad topic with a hopeful approach.
Rene F. Understanding Aggression | ESD 101 | March, 2014
Great topic for teachers — I will be able to apply the information from this course into my classroom and school! Thank you!
Jennifer B. Understanding Aggression | Morningside | March, 2014
I really enjoyed this course. Material was well explained with plenty of examples. Terminology was also clearly defined. I appreciated that important points were either mentioned again in the review, or in subsequent chapters.
Rachel V. Autism & Asperger’s Disorder | Chadron State College | March, 2014
Excellent Course! I gained much needed knowledge on the subject of ADHD and general accommodations for the classroom.
Shannon S. Attention Deficit Disorder | Adams State University | March, 2014
Thank you. I love these courses and have taken many. I have also told others about them and encouraged them to try them.
Seth C. Reading Fundamentals #1 | University of Montana – Western | March, 2014
I thought that this class was great! The instructor knew his information and I extended my learning. I will be able to use what I learned in my current position.
Angela M. Why DI? | Morningside | March, 2014
This is my first VESi course and I was actually very impressed. I have let some of my coworkers know about your offerings. I felt that the content was great, and I appreciated the format of the lessons. Overall, it was a great experience!
Jana H. Autism & Asperger’s Disorder | University of Sioux Falls | March, 2014
I found this course to be extremely enlightening. I will be able to take a log of this information and apply it to my daily practice as a self-contained special education teacher.
Dan H. Understanding Aggression | NYSUT/Sage | February, 2014
I really enjoyed the format that the course used. It is easy to plan ahead and accomplish the work.
Jeanne A. Advanced Classroom Management | NYSUT/Sage | February, 2014
This by far was the most beneficial course I have taken. Even though I teach kindergarten, there is much that I can change and continue to do to make my classroom a DI classroom. Thank you.
Cerelyn R. Try DI! | University of Sioux Falls | February, 2014
I would highly recommend this course to anyone, especially teachers needed courses to review their licenses. Very helpful material for teachers and parents. In fact, all citizens would benefit from this course. I am very pleased. I am pleased with the university for offering it, and I was impressed with timely responses from VESi. Just excellent all the way around.
Peggy M. Understanding Aggression | Shenandoah University | February, 2014
I really enjoyed this course. It was the right amount of information, not overwhelming, not underwhelming. The instructor made it relevant, interesting, and fun. Thanks for the great professional development opportunity!
Merrilyn J. Understanding Aggression | Northwest Missouri State | February, 2014
Both of the Early Childhood courses I have taken in this format have been excellent, and I will be recommending them to others. This class was very comprehensive and well-structured.
Merrilyn J. Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical Development | University of Sioux Falls | January, 2014
I truly feel that I learned a lot from this course and that I am taking away tools with which to improve my classroom and teaching. I especially appreciated the handouts for each chapter!
Megan K. Learning Disabilities | Georgia College & State University | January, 2014
I enjoyed the course and the format of the course. It was easy to follow and I was able to do it when I had time. I also like the person reading the pages to me as well as being able to read it on my own.
Andrea K. Understanding Aggression | Old Dominion University | January, 2014
The course was very well constructed and I especially enjoyed the multi-media approach to relaying information: audio, slides and narrative.
Troy H. Behavior is Language | Central Methodist University | January, 2014
This was the best course that I have taken in this format and through this organization. Thank you!
Abigail M. Why DI? | St. Catherine’s University | January, 2014
I very much enjoyed this course and this instructor (Mick Jackson). The information I learned can be applied to all aspects of my life, not just teaching in a classroom. It was well worth the time and money!
Rachel S. Behavior is Language | Montana State University – Northern | December, 2013
This is the second VESi course I have taken and I have truly enjoyed both experiences. The format and self-pacing are ideal for a busy and working individual. Thank you again, for another great educational opportunity.
Brooke R. Harassment, Bullying & Cyber-Intimidation in Schools | Notre Dame of Maryland | December, 2013
I REALLY enjoyed this course and plan to take another course from this same organization on the topic of differentiation. It is very practical and the self paced format was very convenient.
Peter H. Learning Disabilities | University of Sioux Falls | December, 2013
This was a fantastic class! I learned many things that I will be able to apply to lessons in my classroom!
Jenny B. Reading & Writing in Content Area | NDSU | December, 2013
I really liked this course. It helped me to understand how children that are abused react to certain situations. The course also helped me to understand the influence of a parent, caregiver or teacher in the physiological and psychological aspects of a child’s life. Thank you so much for such a great course.
Crystal T. Child Abuse | Concordia College | December, 2013
This class did a good job providing me with a host of reasons to differentiate. I look forward to taking the follow-up courses.
Jennifer W. Why DI? | Andrews University | November, 2013
This is the third VESi course I have taken, and it is by far the best. Thank you for creating a course that was intellectually stimulating and relevant to my profession. I took notes and will keep them with the materials I look at often when I lesson plan and reflect on my classroom.
Tammy S. Child Abuse | Alaska Pacific University | October, 2013
I enjoyed the course very much. It’s good to know that after 34 years in the classroom, there are still things I can learn and apply to my teaching. These courses are all important and really focus on important issues that educators face on a daily basis. Thank you.
Clayton D. Understanding Aggression | Montana State University – Northern | October, 2013
I absolutely loved this course. It was so helpful in my daily teaching! I cannot wait to apply some of these techniques to my classroom!
Erin S. Behavior is Language | Georgia College | October, 2013
Very interesting course. I have already taken many of the facts from this course and used them in my daily job. My intention is to continue to do so and refer back to my notes anytime an unusual situation arises relating to school violence.
Martin S. Understanding Aggression | Alaska Pacific University | September, 2013

I found this course very helpful. I love how clearly the information is presented and the suggestions and resources are so practical. I will take another course through VESi in the future!
Laura W. Infant & Toddler Mental Health | Ashland University | June, 2013

I LOVED this course! This was a lot of information for one class, but incredibly interesting and very appropriate to early childhood education.
Bridget S. Early Childhood: Typical & Atypical Development | Alaska Pacific University | June, 2013

This class was very informative and insightful in the area of teaching students from different cultures. I have developed a refreshed outlook on the diversity of different students and appreciate the differences of variety of different students I teach.
Patrick G. Teaching Diversity | University of the Pacific | June, 2013

This was the best VESi course I have taken! The instructor presented the information well and provided a lot of practical ideas for how to teach math conceptually. I will be using the information from this course in teaching math. I would definitely take another course by this same instructor!
Jennifer E. Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually | Portland State University | June, 2013

I loved the format of this course. It fits my learning style very well. I will be able to take the information that I learned from this course and refer back to it often in my teaching. I am looking forward to taking other VESi courses!
Luanne D. Reading & Writing in Content Area | Central Washington University | May, 2013

This is the second course I have taken with this instructor, and they are the best two courses I have taken through VESi. Professor Dahl has put together interesting, relevant courses that evoke deep reflection. I am motivated to better serve my students because of this course, and I have been given the tools to do so. The best part is that the ideas in the course can be applied tomorrow. Thank you!
Margaret D. Try DI! | Endicott College | May, 2013

I am, once again, completely blown away by the level of service I have received from VESi. I took these courses for the sole purpose of 'collecting' credits to complete my certification requirements. In the end, I have learned so many relevant strategies and have been re-energized as a teacher. I am anxious to begin implementing many of the ideas presented in both DI courses.
Patrick R. Why DI?/ Try DI! | University of Sioux Falls | April, 2013

I have taken online courses for graduate credit from three different companies now, and VESi is by FAR the best. The format is so easy to follow, the information is great, and being able to complete the coursework at my own pace is a huge plus. I contacted customer service a few times via email, and I got extremely quick replies. Your company and staff are all top notch! Thank you!!!
Charles A. Behavior is language | Augustana College | April, 2013

Great format. Love the course structure. Very intuitive and easy to use. Thought provoking and useful tools to use with students every day. I think all teachers and administrators should take this course.
Jason H. Behavior is Language | Trine University | April, 2013

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