Infant & Toddler Mental Health

Infant & Toddler Mental Health:
Issues & Information for Educators

This course is designed to help educators achieve a better understanding of infant and toddler mental health, child development, and strategies that can be used to promote positive relationships with children and their families. This course provides information that will help the learner understand and identify his or her role as a child care provider, educator, and early childhood professional. Infant & Toddler Mental Health provides research-based information on child development, attachment, temperament, and curriculum. This course also lists resources for both teachers and parents who would like more help or information about infant and toddler mental health.

I really like this delivery format. I hear it read, I read it myself as it's reading, I can go back and check facts, etc. Thank you for providing a class that is interesting and relevant.

Barbara M. | ESD 123


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