Virtual Education Software, inc. partners with accredited colleges and universities to provide interactive continuing education courses for teachers.
Our convenient online courses provide expert instruction at a pace that fits your schedule.
Relevant teacher continuing education courses
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Continuing Education for Teachers

Virtual Education Software, inc. partners with accredited colleges and universities to provide interactive continuing education courses for teachers and higher education students. Online education courses can be taken cooperatively through over eighty accredited college and university partners nationally. Whether you need to complete a degree, CEUs, PDUs, PLUs, extension units, or academic credit, you can meet most professional education requirements through VESi courses. Rely on the expert instruction and flexibility of e-learning to complete a degree, advance your career, move up on a salary schedule, or complete state re-licensure requirements. As we release new courses each year, we look forward to helping you achieve your educational and career goals.

  • Critical Information for VESi students

    It is each student’s responsibility to read all course materials, including course syllabus and addendum, and to know and understand the course requirements, exam score minimum requirements, and deadlines. Students enrolled in VESi courses are required to check their email for any communications regarding the course until their final grade is posted with the college or university. Once your course materials are received by VESi and have been reviewed, the GRADE IS FINAL.

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How to Register

Simply choose a university that offers our courses for the appropriate type of credit that you are required to take. Each university page will provide you with the type of credit and courses offered through that particular university. Follow the registration directions on that university's page or give us a call at

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VESi Courses

VESi is committed to developing online education courses for professionals that are convenient, relevant, and affordable.

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Common Core Standards

VESi currently offers "Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually" and a three-course series on "Reading Fundamentals" that align with Common Core Standards.

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Learning Management System

Contact VESi today to learn more about LMS customized development and how we can meet your program’s needs at little or no cost.

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Teacher Resources

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Autism & Asperger’s Disorder


“I feel this course was informative and made me think. I am using many phrases and interventions with students. I especially like the reflective piece of the written debrief. This helps the teachers and I understand where the child is coming from. This information has aided in altering approaches to how we engage and intervene with the students.”
Mitchell K.

Understanding Aggression


“I absolutely loved this course!! This was VERY informative and helpful to me with my students and my own children!! This is very user friendly too!”
Amy J.

Why DI?


“This type of offering is BOTH very valuable AND very accessible at flexible times, which is essential when completing Continuing Education credits and balancing family time. Thank you for the quality presentation and the meaningful and applicable assignments.”
David H.