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Simply choose a university that offers our courses for the appropriate type of credit that you are required to take. Each university page will provide you with the type of credit and courses offered through that particular university.

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Online continuing education courses for educators

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VESi is committed to developing online education courses for professionals that are convenient, relevant, and affordable.

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VESi courses that align with Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards

VESi currently offers "Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually" and a three-course series on "Reading Fundamentals" that align with Common Core Standards.

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I thought this class was terrific! I was able to read the handouts on my own time, listen to the course content online, study when I wanted to, and take the tests whenever it was convenient for me. This was a GREAT way to take a class! Plus, it was a very cost effective way to go. I sure appreciate you offering this and I will definitely take another this fall. THANK YOU!!!

Erika H. | Attention Deficit Disorder: Information & Interventions for Effective Teaching