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I return to VESi courses because I like the format on how information is presented. I need the audio format included along with the text type. I also appreciate the main points presented in PowerPoint type style which gives me extra visual stimulation to retain knowledge. The format is easy to become accustomed to and easy to complete. I will continue with more professional development credit through this program.
Gail L. Understanding Aggression | PSU | September, 2014

I thought the course was great. It was rigorous and I got a lot out of it. Loved the nugget and the unit on fractions.
Liz W. Teaching Elementary Math Conceptually | Endicott | September, 2014

I found the information in this course to be complete and definitive. When combined with what I have already received during district professional development, the common core info is much clearer. It will serve me well this year as I complete my first TPEP evaluation. In addition, I will be further prepared to teach algebra and geometry using common core standards and practices.
Teresa T. Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards | CWU | September, 2014

I actually feel like I understand CCS much more and can be more effective in professional development opportunities as well as classroom teaching. Thank you.
Lindsay W. Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards | University of the Pacific | September, 2014

I gained tremendous information about differentiated instruction that I can use in my classroom. I learned research based strategies that can be used to reach all students. I would definitely recommend this course to others.
Meredith M. Try DI | Sage | September, 2014

This is by far the best, most useful course I have taken in a long time. It provided ready-to-implement strategies to take with me into the classroom. I am extremely thankful!
Nicole C. Behavior is Language | Sage | September, 2014

I enjoyed learning about ADHD. In the past, I really didn’t have enough background on ADHD. I had very limited tools in dealing with students with ADHD. After taking this course, I am competent enough to collaborate with other teachers and shared my knowledge about ADHD especially the strategies and interventions. This course was very helping in my teaching career.
Annabelle Q. Attention Deficit Disorder | Notre Dame of Maryland | September, 2014

I really like this delivery format. I hear it read, I read it myself as it’s reading, I can go back and check facts, etc. Thank you for providing a class that is interesting and relevant.
Barbara M. Reading & Writing in Content Area | ESD 123 | September, 2014

I found the course material to be informative and look forward to applying what I have learned in my current teaching position.
Sarah G. Autism & Aspergers | Morningside | September, 2014

I found this course very helpful. It really opened my eyes to what aggression is and showed me ways to deal with it in every situation. I feel it will help me in my classroom and in my daily life. Thanks!
Robyn S. Understanding Agression | University of Montana Western | September, 2014

I would recommend this class to any teacher feeling anxiety or uncertainty about what is expected from them with Common Core implementation.
Wakerobin G. Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards | PSU | September, 2014

Thanks for a great class. I think every teacher should take this class before they are allowed to be in a classroom.
Amanda M. Behavior is Language | Endicott | September, 2014

The Teaching Diversity course was excellent and very stimulating. I will apply some of the research when teaching youth. I especially liked the brain information, but all the information made me think [about] how I can treat others with more respect. Thank you so much for offering classes on the internet that made it simple for me to get credit to update my teaching certificate and helped me develop professionally.
Diann P. Try DI? | U of Montana Western | September, 2014

I was impressed with this course. I wish my online courses were as organized and user friendly as this one was.
Amy C. Why DI? | CSU, San Bernardino | September, 2014

I was engaged and inspired by this course. I have learned a great deal and will begin using my new learning the first day of school. Thank you for the experience!
Nicole H. Reading & Writing in Content Area | PSU | September, 2014

Great class. Looking forward to starting the new school year with a new attitude and a new outlook on approaching and preparing my classes to help all learners.
James T. Why DI? | Andrews University | September, 2014

I really enjoyed the course content and feel that everything I’ve learned will help me better educate my multicultural students. I have gained greater knowledge on how to deal with certain issues that will affect the learning of my students. I feel more educated and have learned different strategies to teach a diverse classroom setting. Thank you and I will encourage other teachers to take this course.
Aide M. Try DI? | Fresno State University | September, 2014

Although my head is swimming with information, I am very excited to create a plan to have students self regulate their behavior. After 12 years of teaching, even with great classroom management, I feel drained. This course was an answered prayer!
Lissa M. Advanced Classroom Management | Eastern Washington University | September, 2014

This course was valuable to me as an educator. It will change the way I teach.
Melissa M. Why DI? | Quincy University | August, 2014

This was my first online class and I met my current needs just perfectly! I loved learning in my own home and on my own schedule this summer. I often repeated the slides so I could process the information and take notes. As I was doing this, I realized that constant repeating is not an option with a live presentation. It allows me to renew my teaching certificate. I definitely would recommend the online VESi courses to my friends!
Mary W. Understanding & Implementing Common Core Standards | ESD 101 | August, 2014

I truly enjoyed the format and content of this course. The materials were not only interesting but very applicable in the “real world.” There were also excellent take-aways, things that I plan to be begin implementing in September. Thank you!
Brooke R. Behavior is Language | Notre Dame of Maryland | August, 2014

I greatly enjoy VESi courses. The information is presented in an interesting and engaging way. I always learn a lot when taking these courses. Thank you!
Stephanie T. Understanding Aggression | Notre Dame of Maryland | August, 2014

Thank you for this information. I am going to teach in a school that has a very diverse population and I found this course to be very helpful.
Mark G. Teaching Diversity | Trine University | August, 2014

I was very pleased with the information presented in the course and found it to be very beneficial; the knowledge I acquired from the course will help me to better serve students I provide academic/personal/social support services to in my current profession.
Adrian M. Drugs & Alcohol in Schools | ESD 105 | August, 2014

Great course. Very grounded in research and applicable to practice!
Katy R. Try DI | University of Wisconsin –Platteville | August, 2014

I honestly can say that I learned a great deal from this course. I plan to share that knowledge that I gained with both my students and colleagues as the new school year approaches. I was very impressed with this course and curriculum and look forward to taking more courses in the future.
Jackie F. Traumatized Child | Quincy University | August, 2014

I really enjoyed the three courses and have gained a better understanding of RTI. Our school implements the PBIS and the administrator talks about TRI but I feel that most on the committee have no clue just what they are talking about. I now have a much better understanding. Thanks.
Regina D. Reading Fundamentals 3 | University of Louisiana Monroe | July, 2014

This was the best course that I have taken in this format and through this organization. Thank you!
Abigail M. Why DI? | St. Catherine U | July, 2014

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