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Our Mission
At Virtual Education Software, inc. our mission is to design, develop and make available superior distance, asynchronous and blended continuing education courseware for professional educators and personnel in related academic or professional fields.

Our History
Significant events in VESi's history include the following: The company (Virtual Education Software, inc.) was born from discussions by a group of educational specialists, social workers, and psychologists that wanted to provide high quality information and training to teachers regardless of geographic location. It was their belief that many teachers did not have the resources available to meet the unique needs of many students that were placed in their classrooms.

These same teachers were required to continue their educational training even after they had secured their initial teaching certificate. Many of these teachers wanted to earn an advanced degree in education or a related field. For a large group of these educators, their geographic location made it almost impossible to continue their educational training or earn an advanced degree.

Thus Virtual Education Software, inc. (VESi) was founded to develop continuing education courses that are convenient, relevant, and affordable.

In 1996 VESi (then incorporated as New Perspectives Software, Inc.) released its first computer-based instruction course and offered it throughout the Pacific Northwest cooperatively through five universities.

Virtual Education Software, inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 1998. By this time the company had four courses being offered in over a dozen institutions throughout the Western United States.

Virtual Education Software, inc. has continued to grow and now offers over 35 continuing education courses at over 100 institutions all across the United States. Thousands of educators across the country have registered for and completed VESi courses to fulfill their continuing education needs.

In an effort to meet the growing needs of students, teachers, and universities, VESi has begun partnering with institutions to develop asynchronous and blended certificate and degree programs. These programs will make it even easier for students, teachers, and other professionals to access high quality educational courses to complete re-licensure, program certification, additional educational endorsements, or advanced degrees.

Boundless Enrollment Growth for Institutions
VESi enjoys one of the largest college and university partnership lists in the entire country. Our online education courses allow institutions to select a group of computer-based instruction courses that will meet their exact needs without having to hire additional faculty to teach these high quality educational courses.

VESi's computer-based instruction courses are also designed in such a way that an institution does not need to limit the number of enrollments or students registered in a class per term.

Institutions that have partnered with VESi on the development of asynchronous or blended certificate or degree programs have doubled enrollment caps for these courses, which has doubled course revenue while decreasing the per hour time faculty spend overseeing/teaching these blended courses.

VESi has been helping institutions increase both matriculated and non-matriculated enrollments and increase revenue while decreasing indirect expenses, faculty contact hours, classroom space needs, and the need for other on-campus ancillary services.

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