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Class Contents

The Class Contents menu shows you each chapter in your course. Most VESi courses include four chapters and four exams. You may have additional assignments such as Critical Thinking Questions, Journal Article Reviews, etc. Again, please refer to your Course Syllabus and Course Syllabus Addendum to determine if you have any further requirements beyond reading the chapters and taking the exams.

Chapter  1
Click on the Class Contents from the tree menu on the left. Select a Chapter to view the exercises within that Chapter. Each chapter begins with an Instructor Video introducing the topics that will be covered in that chapter.  To view the video, simply click Instructor Video on your menu at left.

Beneath Instructor Video, click on each exercise that follows to view the contents within each exercise. Be sure to view all pages in every exercise in sequential order (the screen number and the total number of screens in the exercise appear at the bottom of the page). Click the NEXT arrow button (at the bottom of the screen) to proceed to the next screen, and the PREVIOUS arrow button to view the previous screen. When you get to the final screen in an exercise (e.g. Screen 20 of 20), simply click on the next chapter item (beneath Chapter 1 on the menu at left) to proceed to the next exercise. An asterisk will appear in the menu on the left to show completion of an exercise. The Instructor Video is the only item that does not receive an asterisk. All exercises must have an asterisk, showing that you have completed the exercises, before you will be able to take the chapter exam.

At any time during the course you may view and/or print your Course Handouts (located on the menu at left). If your course requires you to complete Critical Thinking Questions and Journal Article Reviews, you may access these by clicking on the Required Essays toolbar (located on the menu at left) at any time during your course progression to begin and/or complete the essays.

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