Class Content

The Class Content menu lists each chapter in your course. Most VESi courses include four chapters and four exams. You may have additional assignments such as Critical Thinking Questions, Journal Article Summations, etc. Again, please refer to your Course Syllabus and Course Syllabus Addendum to determine if you have any further requirements beyond reading the chapters and taking the exams.
Click on Class Content from the main menu to access the Class Content Menu. From there, you can either select a Chapter to jump to that section or scroll down to view the exercises within that Chapter. Each chapter begins with an Instructor Video introducing the topics that will be covered in that chapter.  To view the video, simply click Instructor Video located below the exercise title.

Beneath Instructor Video, click on each exercise that follows to view the contents within each exercise. Be sure to view all pages in every exercise in sequential order (the screen number and the total number of screens in the exercise appear at the bottom of the page). Click the NEXT button (at the bottom of the screen) to proceed to the next screen, and the PREVIOUS button to view the previous screen. When you get to the final screen in an exercise (e.g. Screen 14 of 14), simply click on the Next EX button to proceed to the next exercise. You can also select the screen number at the bottom to review or move between screens. A check mark will appear in the class content menu next to the exercise title to show completion of an exercise. The Instructor Video is the only item that does not receive a check mark as it is not required to view the instructor videos but highly recommended. All exercises must have a check mark, showing that you have completed the exercises, before you will be able to take the chapter exam.

At any time during the course you may view and/or print your Course Handouts (located in the main menu). If your course requires you to complete Critical Thinking Questions and Journal Article Summations, you may access these by clicking on the Required Essays (located in the main menu) at any time during your course progression to begin and/or complete the essays.

The Course Handouts are included to further your understanding of the course material. Handouts can be printed out, or viewed on-screen. Each handout opens in a new browser tab in the same way the syllabus does. You will be prompted during the course if there is a handout available for that topic. You can access the handout by clicking on the paper clip icon to the left of the Next button. Or you can click on the Screen number to the right of the exercise title in the handout’s column on the Class Content menu. You may also view the entire list by clicking on Course Handouts (in the main menu).  Please review and study the course handout information, as the material may also be included in the exams.