Taking an Exam

At the end of each course chapter, you will be expected to complete an examination designed to assess your knowledge. Once the examination has started, do not click on the Refresh button on your browser or open another browser or tab; if you do, you will lose your attempt at that exam. You will not be able to exit any examinations until you have answered all questions. If you try to exit the exam before you complete all questions, your information will be lost and an attempt will be taken. You are expected to complete the entire exam in one sitting. Please read your syllabus for more details. In addition, the course will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity or upon closing your internet browser.

You may access the exam for a particular chapter by clicking on Exams (located in the main menu) or at the end of each chapter in the Class Content menu.

After clicking Grade Exam you will be taken to the results page. From there you can click to return to your course work or click on Exams to review your score, exam attempts remaining or print your missed questions. Please use your browser's print function to print your missed questions.