Submit Course Materials

Simply click the Submit Course Materials button (located in the Course Completion Instruction box) and follow the instructions to submit your materials online to VESi. You should receive a confirmation email from VESi stating that your materials were submitted; if you do not receive that email then it is recommended that you contact VESi to be certain your materials were received. Please also refer to the Course Syllabus and the Course Syllabus Addendum (the addendum was sent as an attachment with original course link) to see if you have any further required assignments that are to be submitted separately and in addition to this online submission.

It is each student’s responsibility to read all course materials, including the course syllabus and addendum, and to know and understand the course requirements, exam score minimum requirements, and deadlines. Students enrolled in VESi courses are required to check their email for any communications regarding the course until their final grade has been posted with the college or university. Once your course materials are received by VESi and have been reviewed, the GRADE IS FINAL.