Required Essays

The Required Essays list the Critical Thinking Questions and contain the fields to enter your Journal Article Reviews (if applicable). Please also refer to the Course Syllabus and the Course Syllabus Addendum (online users - the addendum was sent as an attachment with original course link. CD users - the addendum was included in your materials packet) to see if you have any further required assignments.

Click on the Critical thinking Question (CTQ) beneath Critical Thinking or Journal Article (JA) beneath Journal Articles and a window will appear with instructions and/or a question to be answered for that assignment. Beneath the instructions appears a window in which you will type your essay; it is highly recommended that you first compose your essays on a separate document (e.g. using Microsoft Word) and then copy them into the course program.

**Be sure to click Save (located at the bottom left of your essay screen) when you have finished entering your essay to prevent your assignment from becoming lost when you click to another screen.

When you are finished with your course, proceed to the Complete Course toolbar to print your course Certificate of Mastery and to upload and submit your course materials.